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Tru-Valu Furnishings

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Tru-Valu Furnishings

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TRU VALU Furnishings in Smithton has been in the Whish Wilson family for over 40 years.

Michael Whish Wilson took over ownership in186 and with his sister Judy have been passing on their family’s knowledge and wealth of all things Carpets, Furniture, Curtains and Blinds ever since.

When it comes to window coverings ask for Michael or our latest edition Dean who joined their team in 2013?

Both Michael and Dean can come and visit your home wherever you are located whether Burnie, Stanley, Strahan or Zeehan they will come and see you anywhere along the North West and West Coast of Tasmania.

Please call today or call into our showroom to view the wonderful Luxaflex® products on display.